New grounds have broke as Cuba goes traveling to NYC via The American Museum of Natural History and presented as a bilingual exhibit exploring Cuba’s biodiversity and culture. The “¡Cuba!” exhibition opens Nov. 21. and was developed in collaboration with Cuba’s National Museum of Natural History. Visitors will be able to learn all about Cuba through a display on the cultivation of tobacco, a film about Cuba’s history and lifelike models representing the island’s wildlife, as well as photographs and quotes from Cubans– and of course, a 1955 baby blue Chevrolet Bel Air. The goal is to show people that there is more to the beautiful music, Cuban cigars, or classic cars. Curators of the exhibition want to take people beyond the headlines they know or have expected about Cuba and fascinate them with its remarkable biodiversity. cuba american museum natural history For the wildlife fans, the exhibit showcases animals such as a shrew-like mammal called an almiqui, which secretes venomous saliva through a groove in its front teeth, and the bee hummingbird, considered the smallest bird in the world, among other creatures. The exhibit, while not a result of the reestablished diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, has been a collaborative work in progress over the last 100 between the museum and Cuban scientists. If you’re traveling to NYC in the next coming months, be sure not to miss the world of our neighbor Caribbean island nation, hosted at The American Museum of Natural History from November 21st to August 13th, 2017.