Clubbing Outfit Places While on NYC Bus Tours Hop on Hop Off

Best Places to Find a Clubbing Outfit While on NYC Bus Tours Hop on Hop Off

One of the great things about NYC bus tours hop on hop off is that you can get on and off the bus as many times as you want. This gives you the chance to spend as long as you would like at various attractions or shops. If you have a fun night planned later at a dance club, consider hopping off your New York sightseeing bus to stop at one of these stores.

Amsterdam Boutique

Amsterdam Boutique is in SoHo, so plan appropriately when checking your hop on hop off bus NYC map. You will find party tops ranging from conservative to risqué, meaning you are almost guaranteed to find something that meets your taste and works for the club you want to hit. The prices are also another strong point in the store’s favor. The bottom floor will take care of your needs in terms of shoes for your night out. You may even find a casual top or two that you love.


When your NYC attraction packages take you to Harlem, hop off the bus to buy some clothes at Bebenoir. You can find nearly all types of clothing here, from casual wear to party-ready clothes to clubbing outfits to even a few professional pieces. The staff is always friendly, and you will spot one-of-a-kind items. That way, you can ensure that no one else at the club is wearing the same top as you.


For those who want something a bit nicer while clubbing, consider using the NYC bus tours hop on hop off that go to Greenwich Village so you can shop at Limpasse. Most of the dresses are more geared toward evening wear, but you will also find some very stylish clubbing clothes. Many of their designs are appropriate for nightlife, and you will get extra attention when you shop here, giving you an excellent experience.

Necessary Clothing

When you get off your double decker bus tour NYC in SoHo, consider stopping by Necessary Clothing for your clubbing gear. They have a wide range of clothes here, including casual pieces and those appropriate for a night out having fun and dancing. The clothes are always trendy and fun. There is also a truly extensive selection of shoes, guaranteeing you will find something to match the outfit you choose.   While your NYC bus tours hop on hop off are the perfect chance to shop for clubbing clothes, don’t forget to also pay attention to what the guide has to say and admire the sights you pass!