Chinese Restaurants to Visit While on a New York Bus Tour

The Best Chinese Restaurants to Eat at While on a New York Bus Tour

The best way to see and experience things in the Big Apple is with a New York bus tour. While some tours follow a strict route, others are flexible, allowing you to stop at places of particular interest. Because New York City has some of the best Chinese food on the East Coast, you should plan to visit one of the restaurants recommended below.

Top Chinese Restaurants on a New York Bus Tour

When riding in an NYC tour bus operated by a reputable company, you can stop at any one the popular Chinese restaurants listed.

  • Café China – Not only does this restaurant have fabulous Chinese food but also the décor to match. After entering through heavy steel doors, you will walk into an exquisite restaurant. It’s reminiscent of being in one of the most beautiful dining establishments in Shanghai. The entire experience at Café China is exotic. There, you will discover authentic Chinese menu items. These include slow braised ribbonfish, spicy diced rabbit, duck tongue with peppercorn, jelly fish in scallion pesto, and more.
  • Xi’an Famous Foods – This New York City Chinese restaurant offers a more laid-back experience and excellent food choices. One thing that makes this restaurant appealing to people who take NYC bus tours is that it has several locations. That includes nine stores in Manhattan, two in Queens, and one in Brooklyn. You can choose from menu items like stir-fried cold skin noodles, spicy cumin lamb burger, and stewed oxtail hand-ripped noodles. Or, try the spicy and sour spinach dumplings or a host of other delicious foods.
  • Hakkasan – Hakkasan is another beautiful Chinese restaurant. It features Asian, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu options. Although everything on the menu is fantastic, the Peking duck is the best you will find in New York City. This restaurant also boasts a genuine Chinese atmosphere with excellent service and affordable prices.
  • Excellent Dumpling House – As a local favorite, you know you can expect a positive experience at this New York City Chinese restaurant. While not overly fancy, the interior is comfortable and charming. Especially if you love Shanghainese food, you will not feel disappointed adding a stop at this restaurant to your New York bus tour.