Check Out Historical Harlem with New York City Bus Tours

Check Out Historical Harlem with New York City Bus Tours

When planning which New York City bus tours to take, be sure to include at least one route that goes through Harlem. This is an area that can’t be missed due to its amazing architecture, delicious food, and other attractions.

Learning about the Harlem Renaissance

The main attraction in Harlem is all the historic sites that came about as part of the Harlem Renaissance. Luckily, you can see many of these on New York City bus tours. The Harlem Renaissance occurred in the 1920s and 1930s, and there are still numerous attractions left standing today that are worth checking out on your bus tour.

Apollo Theater

The Apollo Theater is a must-see from New York City bus tours in Harlem. This cozy theater is known for its soul and R&B, and it is where numerous famous singers began their careers, including Ella Fitzgerald, D’Angelo, and Lauryn Hill. The Apollo was built in 1914, and it aims to honor African-American artists and their contributions. Today, it continues to impress with its Amateur Night competitions, but even if you aren’t in NYC for that event, be sure to check out the theater as you go buy on your tour bus.

Duke Ellington Circle

You may have to get off the bus for a few minutes to check out the Duke Ellington Circle, but it is worth it. This shallow amphitheater separates Harlem from Central Park, and it was unveiled back in 1997. Duke Ellington was among the most famous Harlem residents, an African-American composer with very strong contributions to jazz. In the statue sitting in the amphitheater, the Muses hold Duke and a grand piano.

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Although the building itself isn’t historic, if you choose New York City bus tours that let you get off and back on, consider stopping at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. The building isn’t historic, but it has an extensive collection of historic documents, including sheet music, videos, books, photos, and manuscripts, over 10 million in total. It also regularly sponsors events and programs that you may be able to attend if you time your visit correctly.

Sylvia’s Restaurant

Sylvia’s Queen of Soul Food Restaurant is another Harlem landmark that is definitely worth getting off your tour bus to check out. Best of all, it is just a short walk from the Apollo Theater, so you can explore the two attractions back to back. The restaurant was founded by Sylvia Woods, the proclaimed “Queen of Soul Food,” and it has been in business since 1962. Throughout the years, many celebrities have eaten here, including Spike Lee and Barack Obama. For more information on the New York City bus tours that can take you to Harlem to explore historic attractions, contact us.