Famous Attractions Seen in Movies on Your Double Decker Tour

Check Out Famous Attractions Seen in the Movies on Your Double Decker Bus Tour

Many films have used the famous Grand Central Terminal It is no secret that New York is full of attractions and historical sites that have appeared in too many films to mention. Many tourists visiting the Big Apple want to see some of these locations first hand. If you are looking for attractions you have seen featured on the big screen, here are a few of our favorites to visit.

Central Park

This world-famous park has had more than a few films and TV shows shot on location here. You are sure to have seen Bow Bridge, Belvedere Castle, the Great Lawn, the Mall, Alice in Wonderland, and other attractions in any of a variety of movies or shows. Your double decker bus tour can drop you near the park. Then, you can enjoy seeing these iconic spots for yourself. For example:

  • “Maid in Manhattan” has many scenes shot with the Mall as a backdrop.
  • “Spider-Man 3” has the Bow Bridge in the backdrop of numerous scenes.
  • “Home Alone 2” uses several predominant Central Park locations in the film.

91st Street Garden and Café Lalo

A quieter bit of fun can be had by exploring the 91st Street Garden, which is a part of the Riverside Garden found on Hudson. It is the scene for the finale between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in “You Got Mail,” when they finally realize they have been talking to each other. You can also spend time enjoying a croissant and coffee at Café Lalo, where the characters previously met in search of their internet soul mates. The pleasant café will put your mind at ease with the specialty drinks, snacks, and soft music. For a romantic afternoon, take your double decker bus tour this direction and hop off.

Times Square

You will recognize this iconic location as the sight for the famous ball drop that takes place every New Year’s Eve. However, it has also appeared in countless films and TV shows. You may remember seeing it in Tom Cruise’s “Vanilla Sky.” However, that is far from the only film it appeared in. “Crocodile Dundee,” “Enchanted,” “Spider-Man 3,” “Date Night,” and “Jerry MaGuire” are just a few of the feature films you have seen this famous square in.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is one of the most famous spots in the Big Apple, a hub where countless people come through. So, you are sure to have seen this attraction in any of numerous films. The elegant Beaux Arts architecture and exceptionally high ceilings make for a very dramatic backdrop. Some classic films you may have noticed it in include:

  • Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”
  • “The Cotton Club” from Francis Ford Coppola
  • “Midnight Run” with Robert DeNiro
  • “The Fisher King”
  • “Superman” (1978)
Some newer features include “The Avengers” and “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. Don’t forget to include this attraction when enjoying your double decker bus tour.