Cheap Food In NYC Under $10

Cheap Food In NYC Under $10

Touring the city all day can be very exhausting and can certainly build up an appetite. Between walking several miles throughout Midtown and the rest of the concrete jungle, to hopping on and off NYC bus tours and enjoying open top views of iconic sights- hunger is bound to kick-in. While your stomach is growling, your wallet will soon be howling at the pricey cost of satisfying those hunger pains. It’s almost hard to believe anyone could find some cheap food in NYC, but they exist. How far does your dollar go in the Big Apple? Well we’ve searched high and low for some of the best eats under $10 so you can go back to adjusting your selfie stick for the perfect Instagram photos throughout New York City.



mamouns Falafel Sandwhich – $3.50 One of the best falafels you’ll find in NYC. A pita packed with piping hot falafel and amazing tahini that will have you wishing you knew what was in this secret ground chickpea mix. Spend $2.50 more and you get a plate with salad and an additional pita.

C Bao Asian Buns & Bubble Tea

Cheap Food in NYC: C Bao Asian Buns Peking Duck Bun – $5.95 Addicting and flavorful crispy duck meat and skin topped with cucumber and scallions and their special hoisin House Sauce in a steamed bao. You won’t be able to decide between the other buns but this one will definitely keep you coming back for another visit.


Cheap Food in NYC: Caracas Arepa Bar De Pollo Arepa $8.50 It’s Venezuelan eats at its finest and cheapest. You’ll love the grilled and baked flour buns stuffed with chicken, cheese, and caramelized onions.

Prince Street Pizza

Cheap Food in NYC: Prince Street Pizza Prince Perfection – $3.75 It’s their classic Sicilian slice and it’s remarkably light. An airy crust with a satisfying topping of sauce and cheese. This pizza is definitely a level up from whatever pizza you’ve ever had before.


Cheap Food in NYC: Mokbar Ho’ Cake – $6 When you take a popular Korean street food and give it a savory twist you get a heavenly bite of pork filling, crispy bun, and kimchi pear puree. Yes this is real. You’re welcome.

Tasty Dumpling

Cheap Food in NYC: Tasty Dumplings Chives & Pork Fried Dumplings – $1.25 for 5 If you’re looking for cheap food in NYC, at this price you’ll eat like a king with a $10 bill. But it comes down to two important factors when it comes to dumplings- the filling and wrappers, and at Tasty Dumplings they are superior. Well balanced sweetness and filling with a hint of ginger, there is a plentiful ratio of pork meat to wrapper (This gem is only a few blocks from STOP 14 if you’re taking the Downtown Hop On Hop Off bus tour).