Catch These Popular Broadway Shows In NYC

Catch These Popular Broadway Shows In NYC

Broadway is a New York staple that many tourists consider to be the highlight of the trip. There’s no doubt, it’s a very memorable part of the New York culture, and an NYC tour just wouldn’t be the same without it. This isn’t your average show theater, however. While most offer a handful of options, there are dozens of Broadway shows in NYC to choose from. If you don’t keep up with musical theater, choosing one can be a daunting task. Almost all Broadway shows are fantastic! Getting into Broadway in itself is a huge accomplishment, however there are a few musicals and plays that clearly stand above the rest. Some plays come and go, but others make an impact with critics and audiences that immortalize them in the minds of their spectators. To make your choice easier, this is our list of Broadway plays that you can attend right now that live up to such standards.

Popular Broadway Shows In NYC

1. Wicked

wicked musical broadway nyc Hailed by New York Times as the defining musical of the decade, Wicked is one of the most inventive, enthralling, and beautifully told stories you’ll ever have the pleasure of witnessing. History is written by the victors, and that is certainly the case with the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Retold from the point of view of The Wicked Witch, long before Dorothy arrives in Oz, Wicked is the untold story you never knew you were missing. It says a lot about society, and does so in a heartfelt way that will capture the hearts and minds of anyone watching. Great acting and absolutely breathtaking musical numbers top off an amazing play: one that is bound to go down in history.

2. Hamilton

hamilton musical broadway nyc Hamilton isn’t so much a musical as it is a cultural phenomenon. It might night achieve the critical acclaim that Wicked has, but never before has a Broadway musical breached it’s niche and infiltrated pop culture quite like this. Don’t believe me? Earlier this year I was traveling the country, and I met all kinds of great, fun people. You wouldn’t believe how many college students are playing Hamilton music in their cars! It’s absolutely wonderful to see something like that: hipster college students playing Broadways music on loop. This wasn’t an isolate situation; I saw it several times in different states. Part of the reason for this is it’s unique genre-bending qualities. It possesses all of the Broadway’s classic themes in terms of acting and instrumental music, but oddly enough, they incorporate rapping as a story-telling device and it works unbelievably well. The music is masterfully written, and I promise, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen men in powdered wigs rapping American history like this.

3. Book of Mormon

book of mormon broadway nyc Book of Mormon is play that will make you think, laugh, and sway to music that’s fantastic! It’s true to the traditions of Broadway, and theater for that matter, but also manages to incorporate a freshness and progressive comedic aspect to the play. It pokes fun at religion in general but also manages to highlight the good that exists within them. Surprisingly, this play was written by the writer of the popular cartoon South Park, and the humor displayed in the play mirrors that to an extent. That being said, this might not be a play to take the kids to, but teenagers and parents alike will probably find themselves trying to catch their breath between hysterical laughing fits. It isn’t all fun and games, however, as this play encounters more than a few organic, heartfelt moments in which the viewer will find themselves shocked as to how well such an absurdly comedic play could have the kind of emotional impact that Book of Mormon delivers. These are the top 3 Broadway shows in NYC playing right now that you must see. There are numerous other masterpieces that you can catch, but these are our favorites!