What You Can See in Manhattan on Your New York City Bus Tour

What Can You See in Manhattan on Your New York City Bus Tour?

Planning your trip to the Big Apple requires sorting out many details. You need to secure your hotel, make your travel plans, and consider what you want to see while in the city. One popular way to enjoy many attractions without footing a hefty bill or spending a lot of time between attractions is to use a New York City bus tour. With this travel option, you can easily tour the city and hop on or off near different attractions you are interested in. Some things you can look forward to in Manhattan include:

The Manhattan Bridge

This suspension bridge is an icon that crosses the East River into New York City, connecting Downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. This bridge is famous for its innovative design, and architects considered it as the one of the first to influence modern suspension bridges. The Manhattan Bridge is also the first to use the Warren Truss in its design. Have your camera ready on your New York bus tour because it makes a memorable photo opportunity.

The Brooklyn Bridge

A hybrid suspension/cable-stayed bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest in the United States. The bridge took fourteen years to complete, starting in 1869 and ending in 1883. It spans the East River, connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan, and it was the first steel-wire suspension bridge. It is well worth seeing while on your New York City bus tour.

Gramercy Park

Your New York City bus tour will make it past Gramercy Park. You can hop off nearby and visit the neighborhood. The park is comprised of two acres in the Gramercy Park Historic District. The park itself is private, and only those who live nearby have keys, but the walks around the park are very popular among the public for exercise, dog walking, and strolling. The area is generally safe and quiet, which attracts many seeking time away from the bustle.


Located in the center of Manhattan, Midtown is home to some world-famous buildings such as the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, the United Nations headquarters, Times Square, the Rockefeller Center, and Broadway. Midtown is well known as the country’s hub of entertainment, commercial industry, and media, as well as a growing financial center, second only to lower Manhattan’s Financial District. You will find some of the tallest hotels and skyscrapers in Midtown, so get out, take in a show, or enjoy some shopping while touring this part of New York.