What You Can Expect to See on Sunset NYC Boat Tours

What You Can Expect to See on Sunset NYC Boat Tours

When you go on sunset NYC boat tours, you will be treated to the same iconic attractions you would see during the day, but the picturesque framing of the sun as it sets makes all the difference. Take a closer look at everything you will get to see during your sunset boat tour.

Enough Light to See the Attractions

Since sunset NYC boat tours follow the same route as those during the day, you will get the chance to see a long list of iconic attractions. The only thing better than viewing the Statue of Liberty from the water is seeing it with gorgeous shades of red and yellow highlighting this symbol of our country’s independence and strong relationship with France. You will also get to admire the other amazing sights along the route, including the World Trade Center, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and the South Street Seaport. Since the sunset tours go there and back, you will get more than enough light to fully admire these attractions.

Picturesque Sunsets on NYC Boat Tours

Because of the route sunset NYC boat tours take, you will be treated to the full spectrum of sunset colors ranging from red to orange to yellow. Best of all, when you get close to the Statue of Liberty, you will be to its north and/or east. Since the sun sets in the west, this means that Lady Liberty will be set against the picturesque backdrop of the setting sun.

Panoramic Views

Due to the nature of NYC boat tours, you also sail past Manhattan, giving you amazing glimpses of the skyline framed by the setting sun. You will get to admire the sights with their shades of oranges.

A Glimpse of NYC at Night

By the time you return to the pier from sunset NYC boat tours, the sun will be close to completely set. As such, you get a glimpse of the city at night. See how the famous bridges look lit up at night or just get a feel for the way the buildings’ lights frame the skyline. As this is a boat tour, you will also get to learn about all of the famous landmarks you pass, combining the views with new knowledge. Book your tickets for a sunset cruise to enjoy these unique views of the Big Apple.