Broadway Shows to Check Out after NY Tours

Broadway Shows to Check Out after NY Tours

With your NY tours starting and ending in the middle of Broadway and Times Square, you have to go see a Broadway show. They are world-famous, and people travel thousands of miles just to go see a show. Take advantage of NY tours to end your night watching a Broadway show. Although there are plenty of shows to pick from, these are some of the best.

The Lion King

This live-stage adaptation of one of the best Disney films will take your breath away. The musical is about Simba, a young lion prince living in the African savanna grasslands. After a tragedy orchestrated by his uncle Scar, his father Mufasa dies, and Simba flees his land. The years go by, and Simba grows older. He is then called back to the now-ravaged land to defeat his uncle Scar and fulfill his destiny to be the king. The musical has lots of African rhythms and music as well as beautifully designed costumes and exotic African wildlife displays.


If you would rather watch something more historical, this Tony-winning musical will be your best option. Hamilton describes the story of one of the founding fathers who decided to leave a mark on the newly established nation. He went from being a rebel and orphan to a war hero and Washington’s right-hand man. Then, he ended up becoming the Treasury head.


If you enjoy Disney movies but are looking for something on the cheaper side, you will love Aladdin. The story is about princess Jasmine of Agrabah, who has no desire to marry any of her father’s groom choices. When she sneaks out of the palace and meets Aladdin, a thief, their connection is instant. When people see Aladdin with the princess, they sentence him to death. But Jafar, the sultan’s right-hand man, is plotting to take over the throne. He saves Aladdin from his death sentence in return for him finding a lamp. When Aladdin finds the lamp, he unleashes a genie who transforms him into prince Ali. Aladdin hopes that his new identity will allow for him to win Jasmine’s heart and save the kingdom of Agrabah from the evil Jafar.