Bookstores You Should Visit During Your Tours in NYC

Bookstores You Should Visit During Your Tours in NYC

New York City is known for many things, including incredible bookstores. When you’re taking tours in NYC, you should consider some the best. Whether you go to buy books or other merchandise, to get something to eat or drink, or perhaps to relax, you have several choices.

Add Bookstores to Your Sightseeing NYC Plans

Especially if you love a great novel, make sure to stop by some of the best bookstores in the Big Apple while taking tours in NYC. Although there are many more, these are some of the top recommendations.

  • Greenlight Bookstore – This store is located in Brooklyn, and it’s the perfect place to go if you want to spend more time in Brooklyn. There, you will find just about any book that you want, including some autographed by the authors. There are also different events throughout the year, such as storytelling. That’s ideal when you’re touring with kids.
  • 192 Books – On the corner of 23 Street and 8 Avenue, this bookstore has been a favorite spot for both locals and tourists over the past 15 years. Included in its collection are biographies, poetry, film, science, natural history, photography, art, current affairs, and more. An excellent way to add this stop to your schedule is with a hop on hop off New York tour.
  • Housing Works Bookstore Café – When sightseeing in New York, you could stop here to purchase items and enjoy a fresh cup of hot coffee or grab a bite to eat. This bookstore is another outstanding choice during a city bus tour in NYC.
  • The Astoria Bookstore – Along with soft and hardback books, you can select from a broad range of audio books. They perfect to listen to in between stops on a New York tour bus.
  • Strand Bookstore – With a Broadway address, most NYC bus tours go right past this bookstore. You can scour through existing books along with new arrivals and autographed copies. Or, you can purchase an assortment of gifts.

Visit Bookstores While Taking Tours in NYC

When it comes to bookstores, there are many places to go in NYC. If you enjoy reading or are looking for the perfect gift, consider stopping by any one of these bookstores while taking a tour.