The Best Vegan Restaurants to Stop at During an NYC Bus Tour

The Best Vegan Restaurants to Stop at During an NYC Bus Tour

It’s difficult to count all the things you can do in New York City. From the arts and an assortment of entertainment to historical monuments and locations, New York City has a little something for everyone. One of the best ways to hit the biggest attractions is to take an NYC bus tour. Not only that, but your tour will pass by some of the best restaurants in the area, including establishments that specialize in vegan dishes.

Avant Garden

On 130 East 17th Street is a vegan restaurant on your NYC bus tour that serves both hot and cold meals. Perhaps the most popular dish on the menu is the fennel hummus with olives and orange. Other tasty meals you’ll want to try include the mushrooms with onion marmalade as well as the sunchoke toast with pistachios and quince. Not only will the food tantalize your taste buds, but you will also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.


This restaurant with an unusual name specializes in some of the finest vegetable combinations you’ll find in the city. Narcissa is at 25 Cooper Square. You can reach it from your NYC bus tour. This restaurant is a must-stop for any vegan touring the Big Apple.

Beyond Sushi

If you’ve never had vegan sushi, this New York gem is the place to try. Located at 70 Pine Street north of Battery Park, Beyond Sushi starts you off for lunch for just $9. Unbeatable dinner meals include the dumplings and rice paper wraps. The restaurant also specializes in soups and noodle salads as well as curried cauliflower and corn instead of the typical sushi ingredients.

Superiority Burger

One of the hallmarks of a good vegan meal is a vegan-style hamburger. Those who love this dish know that you don’t need meat to make a delicious burger. Like many other excellent vegan burgers, Superiority Burger uses black beans to substitute for the patty. This burger also includes a tasty blend of quinoa and lentil. When you and your group take an NYC bus tour, make sure you stop at Superiority Burger.

The Little Beet

Just a few blocks from the south end of Central Park at 135 West 50th Street, this is an ideal place to eat if you love tofu and veggie burgers. The Little Beet has plenty of meat-free side dishes packed with protein.   Eating well is an essential part of your NY bus tour trip. While on your tour, give these vegan restaurants a try.