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Best Values for Hotels In New York City

Within the United States, there are a few cities which should be on your bucket list to visit within your lifetime.  One of the cities towards the top of that list is New York City; with the massive skyscrapers and large theater district, there is never a shortage of things to visit while in the city.  However, a main determent for those wanting to visit is the actual cost of the trip, as it is not an inexpensive city to visit – for example, a standard room for hotels in New York City typically starts at $250/night. To help keep the cost of the hotels down, one thing to keep in mind when looking at hotels is whether or not you have flexible dates for travel.  There are always a wide variety of conventions and exhibits and conferences taking place in and around the city.  If you can find the right time to visit which does not overlap with a major event taking place, you are bound to find a better deal, as hotels do not want rooms to go empty overnight.  You can also leverage any discounts you might have, whether it is AAA or if you are a member of any loyalty program; most loyalty programs have an option of using both points and money to secure a room. Making your reservations can be a tricky proposition.  You can always take the safe route, and once you find a hotel, you make the reservation and know your rate is locked in.  However, you can also roll the dice and not make a reservation until the day before, or even the day of.  If you are confident that the hotel will rooms available on the days you are wanting to visit, often times you can call the hotel directly and they will offer you a room at a discounted rate if you ask for their best rate. If you want to plan ahead as much as possible, then here are three of the best deals you can find when you come and stay at hotels in New York City.

Value Hotels in New York City

The Pod

Hotels in New York City: The Pod Hotel There are two different Pod Hotels within New York City, so you can choose the one which will be closer to the events you will be going to visit while in the city.  They have a few different room options for you to choose from, including a Queen Bed Pod where you also get to enjoy two glasses of wine free on the house.  They also have Pods where you can sleep in a bunkbed.  However, be aware on the bunkbed Pods, as there is a shared bathroom – this is a great option for families with numerous kids. Typical Prices Queen Pod with 2 Free Glasses of Wine – $245, Full Pod with 2 Free Glasses of Wine – $225 or a Bunkbed Pod with Shared Bathroom – $100. Nearby Tour Stop: Stop 3 Rockefeller Center – 6 Blocks away along 50th St.

The Hampton Inn Brooklyn/Downtown

Hotels in New York City: Hampton Inn Brooklyn Downtown When you visit this hotel, it will not feel like your typical Hampton Inn.  There are many amenities within the hotel you won’t find in most chain hotels, including receiving a chocolate covered pretzel upon arrival, and being able to enjoy a drink of your choice near their fireside bar.  There are a couple of rooms along the top terrace with a wraparound patio, offering you a stunning visual of the city.  The Hampton Inn has 117 rooms, and these rooms range from having Double Beds, Queens and King size beds.  All rooms come with private bathrooms.  They have an option on their website which allows you to see room rates available within a week of your chosen arrival date, so you can see when the best rate option is. Typical Prices For all Room Choices – Starting Range is between $97 – $283.

Z Hotel NYC

Hotels in New York City: Z Hotel Newly renovated, the Z Hotel offers you a great view of the city from the Long Island portion of the city.  With large windows within the room, and private bathrooms within each room, each room will ensure you will receive the necessary rest and relaxation desired while on your trip.  There is also a bar and restaurant on the bottom floor of the restaurant, and they have free shuttles which go the city on a daily basis, so you don’t have to worry about hailing a taxi or riding the subway.  They have numerous packages for you to choose from, so you can minimize your time planning and spend a majority of your time enjoying the city. Typical Prices Twin and Queen Rooms start at $185 and the King Room averages $235 As you can see, with just a little bit of planning and some knowledge of where to look, you can find the right deal for you and your traveling party, while saving some money which you can then use on other activities. If you end up staying within any of these hotels, or find other deals on hotels, please feel free to share with us, so we can let others know as well where they can find the best deals on hotels in New York City. We hope you enjoy your next visit to the best city in the world!