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The Best Times to Book Your New York City Tours

When you need a getaway from the stresses of your daily life, you can’t go wrong with New York. No matter when you go to the amazing city or what attractions and sites you visit, you will have the trip of a lifetime when you take New York City tours. There are certain times of the year when you’ll have fewer crowds, better weather, or see more spectacular events. Decide what’s important to you, and plan accordingly.

When to Go for Nice Weather

New York has an interesting climate. Winters can be harsh with below-freezing temperatures and snow. Though you’ll still enjoy your vacation during these months, if cold weather turns you off, you might want to avoid late November through early March. Also, the humidity in the summer can be difficult to deal with and only makes the heat feel worse. So, if you want to go on New York City tours at the most pleasant times of the year, book your trip between late March and late May or between late September through early November.

When to Go for Fewer Crowds

You may scoff at the combination of “New York” and “smaller crowds.” In the largest city in the United States, you’ll never go on New York City tours when there aren’t large groups of people everywhere. On the other hand, you can find times during the year when the massive crowds aren’t quite as prevalent. Book your trip during the spring or fall months when tourists are less likely to go on vacation.

When to Go for Major Events

New York City is home to some incredible Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Imagine being in Rockefeller Plaza in December to see holiday displays and feel the Christmas magic in the air. Or, you could go on New York City tours around New Year Year’s Eve and take part in the famous celebrations in Times Square. There will be enormous crowds of locals and tourists alike, but you’ll still have a great time. You’ll love going on New York City tours any time of the year, but if you want to get the most out of your trip and have the best experiences, try going during some of these months. Book your vacation to New York today.