Best Restaurants in Brooklyn When Sightseeing in NYC

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn When Sightseeing in NYC

Anybody who’s ever been to New York knows there’s a little something there for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for in a vacation spot, you’ll find it in the Big Apple. In the largest city in the U.S., there’s entertainment, culture, education, history, beauty, and so much more. But no matter where you head for your getaway, you need good places to eat. When you’re sightseeing in NYC, the restaurant scene won’t disappoint. Food of all varieties is waiting to tempt your taste buds and satisfy your palate.

Visit Roberta’s While Sightseeing in NYC

You may not think there’s anything special about a place that serves pizza. After all, this is a standard dish at most Italian restaurants. When you’re sightseeing in NYC and passing through Brooklyn, don’t skip Roberta’s. This 10-year-old establishment doesn’t have all the fancy décor and architecture in the world, but the delicious pizza and fresh toppings will make your trip worth it. Everyone in your party can find something filling. You can even top off your meal with pie for dessert.


You’ll soon discover on your trip that sightseeing in NYC offers it all – not just in tourist attractions but in restaurants as well. Mimi is one of the most well-known French outfits in the city. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this place (aside from the mouth-watering meals) is the evolving menu. Mimi changes its offerings regularly, so chances are good that everyone in your party can try something new on every visit. You’ll always find French favorites as well as main course staples such as pork and roast chicken. Don’t forget to try some signature French wine as well.

Russ & Daughters Café

When you think about restaurants while sightseeing in NYC, you may have your mind on great places that serve the best dinner dishes in town. However, you don’t want to rule out stopping somewhere for breakfast or lunch. Russ & Daughters can fill this need. The café is open from morning through night and serves all three meals each day. You’ll find a wide range of selections too, including fish, desserts, and drinks. Many customers like to order multiple plates to share with the entire party.   Make sightseeing in NYC even more memorable by stopping at these renowned restaurants. You’ll love what each of these has to offer in taste, choices, and service.