Best Places to Take Selfies On a NYC Sightseeing Bus Tour

The Best Places to Take a Selfie During a NYC Sightseeing Bus Tour

Research shows that 93 million Android users take selfies every day. Factor iPhone users as well as others, and one could safely estimate people take around 200 million selfies each day. Statistics also estimate that one in every three photos on any smartphone is a selfie. So, it goes without question that you will take photos while you are on an NYC sightseeing bus tour. And roughly every three photos, you will flip your camera and take a quick selfie of yourself during the New York main attractions tour as well. The question is – where are the best places to take a selfie during the tour?

The Washington Square Arch

Constructed in 1892, the Washington Square Arch is a popular local hangout in the Washington Square Park. People recognize this arch as one of the visually appealing architectural features in New York City. While the NYC sightseeing bus will not drive under the arch, it is still a great spot for snapping selfies.

The Smorgasburg Williamsburg

You should find an NYC hop on hop off tour bus that passes the Smorgasburg Williamsburg. This is a one-of-a-kind market unlike anything else. The market is loaded with tons of mouthwatering places to grab some food and gorgeous Manhattan skyline views that make perfect backdrops.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous bridges on the planet. So, the desire to snap a selfie while driving across the bridge makes sense. To avoid tourists and rushing commuters, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. are the best times to stop by the bridge for a selfie.

Times Square

There are over 300,000 people who walk through Times Square on a daily basis. This New York City main attraction is both a large commercial area and the heart of the Theater District. As one of the more popular NYC attractions, there is always a crowd. Therefore, don’t find it too surprising if a few strangers photobomb some of your selfies.

The Empire State Building

Constructed in 1931, the Empire State Building is one of the tallest buildings on the planet. As the 25th tallest building in the world, it remains an iconic structure on the New York skyline. No collection of New York City selfies is complete without a few selfies with the Empire State Building in the background. With so many NYC things to do and attractions to see, you are sure to end up with tons of great selfies to show your friends and family members.