Best Bakeries in NYC

Best Bakeries in NYC

New York City is known for its numerous iconic buildings, world-renowned attractions, and thriving nightlife, but all of that partying and exploring can really leave you drained. It’s important to keep the tank filled when you’re being that active, and every now and then that might include satisfying your sweet tooth. NYC features some of the greatest bakeries in America, and this is our list of the best bakeries to visit when you’re in the city.

1. Levain Bakery 

bdaee9f121c4c809f82ad8a901738185 Known for their delicious pastries and cookies, Levain Bakery is located in Harlem. It’s only a few blocks away from Stop 25 of our Uptown NYC Tour, so getting there should be especially easy if you have one of our convenient NYC tour passes. The regulars love this bakery because you’ll never get something that isn’t fresh. Every visit will end with you enjoying a freshly baked, succulent dessert of your choosing. Oh, and don’t forget to try their famous chocolate chip cookies!

2. The Donut Pub

donut-pub-full The Donut Pub doesn’t look like much. It isn’t all that fancy, but it has kind of a classic, vintage vibe to it that’s equally charming. The donuts are always fresh and have a taste that can’t be beaten! Located just outside of West Village, this bakery offers a delicious break from your exciting day, and is only three blocks away from Stop 17 of our Downtown NYC Tour. Give it a try if you’re feeling a little famished, and just hop on the next bus when you’re finished. It couldn’t be more convenient!

3. Breads Bakery

breads3 When you hear “bakery” you probably automatically think “desserts.” This option offers the pastries and sweets you’d hope for, but is known more for its high quality breads. These loaves are as light, fluffy, and delicious as can be. The selection is absolutely vast, and you may be there for a while just deciding which bread you’ll choose. It’s just a short walk away from Union Square Park (less than a block.) It’s also less than a block away from Stop number 11 on our Downtown NYC Tour. Hop off the bus, take a short walk and treat yourself! Maybe even take a short stroll to Washington Square Park to enjoy your snack, and catch the next bus when you’re finished. If you want to take a quick break from your tour without doing too much walking, this is the best place to do it.

4. Two Little Red Hens

bony25f-4-web If you’re looking for a big piece of something absolutely succulent, you just found it. Located on the Upper East Side, Two Little Red Hens features a wide variety of desserts for you to choose from, but they’re famous for their light cupcakes with delicious, creamy frosting and their thick slices of cheesecake that are absolutely to die for. Go on an empty stomach if you’re planning to get the cheesecake, because these portions are not for the faint of heart. This little gem is located only a couple of blocks away from our Uptown NYC Tour’s 27th Stop at Guggenheim Museum. Stop in for a bite to eat and get back to your bus in no time at all. The location is so convenient, why not give it a try? These are the absolute best bakeries in NYC. They’re all conveniently located near our NYC tour stops, so grabbing something delicious between attractions couldn’t possibly be more convenient than this. These aren’t just famous locations for tourists to visit; these are tried and true local favorites, and we encourage everyone to discover for themselves what all the hype is about.