Awesome and Surprisingly Fun Things to do in New York Alone

Awesome and Surprisingly Fun Things to do in New York Alone

Many things are said about New York. Some call it the Big Apple and some the City that Never sleeps; all names that tell us something positive about the city. New York sights are bustling with activities for the better part of the year. It is the reason why many people all over the world love the city. However, what many people are never told, is that even the so much sort after sights in New York are somewhat deserted during the winter period. Not completely of course, but the number of people visiting dwindle significantly. That said, and during this season (winter), there are many people who end up feeling very alone. New York can be pretty boring if this is you especially given the fact that many sites give ideas of New York sites that are perfect for groups or couples. Very few if any, list places perfect for singles or persons travelling alone. That said, we have got you covered today. Find below a list perfect for any person travelling the city alone.

Film Forum

Film Forum If you have ever caught a movie opening on a weekend, then you understand just how noisy movie goers can be. They chew loudly, are addicted to their phones and can be quite chatty even with strangers. Thank God that the Film forum, however, only attracts the quiet and respectful types of movie goers. The audience enjoys showings of the Indies and classics from around the globe quietly. You will be shocked (in your case relieved) that they even eat popcorn quietly. The experience like with many New York sights is paid for; $7 and $12.50 for members and seniors respectively.

The Stone

The stone music venue in Manhattan New York Things are done slightly different here. There are no promoters, no advance tickets, no listed address, no phone number no bar. It is a plain old music venue in Manhattan New York. The space might be small but for its size it does attract a large number of serious music fans. Yes serious devoted music fans. Not the likes addicted to tweeting or Facebooking during the event. For many of the shows, the damage is $10.


Barcade New York We have all seen that one guy at the bar drinking alone right (If you are on your first New York Vacation then you might be clueless on this)? What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you see him/her? Sad right? So if this is the case why are we listing a bar as a place you can visit on your own? Well, the Barcade is unlike any other bar you have visited. Sure you will have your drinks but other than this, you will have loads of fun at the video game section. The Barcade has a total of 35 classic games, the kind that you will catch on pretty fast and get you addicted in no time. Adding to the fun is a tap with 24 American brews changing up daily. So drink to your fill and play till you beat the high scores. Since you have no friends with you, you can go on and on about your high score without fear of losing any friends. Each play will cost you 25 cents though.

Prospect Park – Cycling

Prospect Park – Cycling Truth be told, and this goes even for couples, having a proper workout is best done alone. You can try to tag someone along but when you do this you should be ready to adjust to their fitness level. If you are higher than them, this means you will have to slow down even when you do not feel the burn yet (not unless you have a prior agreement). That said, on the weekends, you might want to head out to Prospect Park and right on the Middle lane that is usually reserved for cyclists. You get to cycle for about 3 miles under a canopied lane free of cars and traffic. There is a hilly section that is bound to give you the burn and a downhill stretch to relax those muscles a little bit.

Oasis Day spa

Oasis Day spa New York sights When is the last time you pampered yourself? You work hard all day all week long with no reward for yourself. It is time to give back to yourself. Book a date with the Oasis day spa and unwind as you have your tense muscles soothed and massaged. You can choose between a Swedish, Lava stone or deep tissue massage in order of how long it takes and how deep it goes. For your skin, you can also have a facial. The spa is close to several New York sights that might interest you and can be fun even while you are alone. See, being lonely actually affords you more luxury and fun than you could have imagined right? Don’t waste any more time. On your NYC trip, plan to visit any of the above listed destinations today, tomorrow or the day after. Whichever day you choose, make it soon. Don’t miss the fun in these New York sights even when you are alone.