Attractions You Can See from the Water with NYC Boat Tours

Attractions You Can See from the Water with NYC Boat Tours

NYC boat tours are a unique way to see the city, as you get to view everything from the water instead of land. This gives you views of certain sights from a different angle than you otherwise would be able to and lets you see New York attractions you may not have seen without being on the water. Here are just some of the highlights.

Statue of Liberty

For most people, the entire reason they choose to go on NYC boat tours is to get better views of the Statue of Liberty. This attraction is visible from land, but it is much more striking from the water due to the direction it faces and its placement on its own island. France gave the U.S. this statue to commemorate 100 years of independence in October 1886.

Brooklyn and Bridges

The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic New York landmark you will definitely spot during NYC boat tours; in fact, this is perhaps the best way to admire this structure. It was finished in 1883 and connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by crossing the East River. You will also see the Manhattan Bridge, which also crosses the lower portion of the East River. This is the preferred bridge for buses, bikes, subways, and cars.

Battery Park

You will also get a view of Battery Park during NYC boat tours. The park was named after the artillery batteries that sat there when NYC was young to protect it. You can still see the fort that defended the city in the War of 1812.

World Trade Center

From the water, you will be able to easily spot the main building that is part of the new World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan. The building shares a name with the original North Tower from the first World Trade Center that was destroyed during 9/11. The new skyscraper stands 1,776 feet tall, referencing the year we signed the Declaration of Independence.

Wall Street

If you look carefully, you will also spot Wall Street from your NYC boat tours. This is the biggest stock exchange market in the world and the center of all finances. It sits at 11 Wall Street and is commonly referred to as the “Big Board.”

South Street Seaport

Finally, you will get the chance to see the historic South Street Seaport. From NYC boat tours, you can admire the building, which is among the oldest architecture in Downtown Manhattan. It also has the biggest grouping of 19th century commercial buildings that have been restored. When you are ready to see these and other attractions from NYC boat tours, contact us to book your trip.