Most Common Questions about NYC Attraction Packages

Answers to the Most Common Questions about NYC Attraction Packages

The average person wants to know exactly what they are getting before buying their NYC attraction packages. To make sure you understand what you pay for, we collected some of the most common questions and answers so you can buy your tickets without any doubts in your mind.

What Does It Include?

The most common question about New York City sightseeing packages is what they include. But there is no set answer. Each package will be slightly different, even those from the same company. If you opt for specific New York downtown tours, then your purchase will include just that particular bus tour. If you choose a one-day tour New York or another multi-day pass, it will typically include multiple bus tours. This includes those that go downtown, uptown, to Brooklyn, the Bronx, and even a night tour. Depending on your chosen package, you may also get admission to the Museum of the City of New York and a few free hours of bike rental.

Do My Kids Need a Ticket?

You are unlikely to find any bus tour or NYC attraction packages that do not charge for children to ride. Kids’ tickets are, however, significantly cheaper than adult ones. You will not have to pay for an infant or baby.

What Happens in Bad Weather?

One of the most important questions is what happens on a double decker bus tour NYC in the rain, cold, or other poor weather conditions. The buses will still run regardless of weather (unless safety becomes a concern). On rainy days, you can get a complimentary poncho to stay dry or move to the lower level, which is completely enclosed. In the winter, the buses are covered using a transparent cover to protect you from the elements while still letting you enjoy the attractions.

Do I Get a Discount for Buying in Advance?

There is usually a very large discount for buying your tickets for New York sightseeing tours in advance. In fact, you can sometimes save as much as 50 percent off the price when you buy online. Buying online will also save you time, so it is highly recommended.

Do I Have to Choose a Day? Can I Change that Day?

When you first book your tickets, you don’t have to choose a day, so there is no need to worry. The validity of your ticket starts when you print out the physical ticket, so you can change your mind at the last moment as long as you haven’t printed it. This means you can buy your tickets as soon as you know you will visit NYC without knowing what day you want to use them.   For answers to your other questions about NYC attraction packages or to buy your tickets, contact us.