8 Instagram Worthy Photo-Ops to Make Your Friends Jealous of Your Trip to NYC

8 Instagram Worthy Photo-Ops to Make Your Friends Jealous of Your Trip to NYC

So you’re headed to the Big Apple, and you want all your friends to know. In modern days, we’re all sure to document our trips to share on social media. You’ll find that on your trip to NYC, there are plenty of incredible photo-ops to capture the city at its finest. Here are the 8 best places to take a classic photo. Because as the saying goes, memories last a lifetime, but do they even count if you don’t get enough likes on Instagram?

1. Statue of Liberty

You can’t ~really~ visit New York City without seeing Lady Liberty in all of her glory. Whether it’s a snapshot from a distance or right on Liberty Island itself, this is one insta post your friends are sure to *like*.

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2. The Charging Bull

Head down to the Financial District to check out the Bull statue, located near Bowling Green. Bonus points if you take a picture touching the jewels, if you know what I mean. Fun Fact: A Bull represents a market on the rise, and the Bear represents a market in decline

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3. Brooklyn Bridge

Plan some time to head over to Brooklyn by way of bridge. You can always get an artsy shot while walking, if you have a pal that has a creative eye.

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4. Skyline

After you cross the bridge, head to Brooklyn Bridge park for the perfect place to capture a shot of NYC’s skyline. If you plan to head over in the evening, you can get photos with the sunset and after when the whole city is lit up.

5. Empire State Building

Catch an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building, another necessary site to see on any trip to NYC. View the concrete jungle from 102 floors up, and take some photos of the entire island.

6. Top of the Rock

If green is more your thing, head to the Top of the Rock to catch a stunning view of Central Park. From here, you can see all 843 acres of the massive green space in the center of Manhattan.

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7. Central Park

Of course, no trip to NYC is complete without visiting Central Park. It’s impossible to see all of it, but a great photo op can be found on any of the parks many bridges.

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8. Times Square

And last, but not least, Times Square. Make your trip to the center of it all at night so you can take in all of the lights. A photo frozen in time, right in the middle of the chaos, will be sure to make your friends envy you.

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With these photos, you’re sure to make friends and family green with envy of your escapade in the city. So charge your smartphones and get your duck lips ready, because these photos will last much longer than that ‘I ❤️ NY’ shirt you bought off the street.