Teach Your Kids to Read a New York City Sightseeing Map

Teach Your Kids to Read a New York City Sightseeing Map

When you’re visiting the Big Apple, you and the family will have a blast. Along with seeing iconic sites as well as places off the beaten path, you can educate your kids by teaching them to read a New York City sightseeing map. Instead of you planning the adventure and following the map, allow your kids to assist. They will learn more about New York City and better appreciate each place you visit.

New York City Sightseeing Map

Whether you’re using a more traditional New York City sightseeing map or a hop on hop off NYC map, get your kids involved so they have more fun while in the Big Apple. Let them look at the different destinations. In the process, provide them with information about each one’s history. You can also discuss why so many people visit. As an example, you could teach your kids that Central Park covers 843 acres. Tell them that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has tens of thousands of objects and works of art on display. And don’t forget that the One World Observatory provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the city from the hundredth floor. You can also inform them that a rooster made the first trip across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Education Now and Forever

A New York sightseeing map will instill confidence in your kids that they can use now and into the future. They get to learn about different places and history while visiting the Big Apple. Someday, they can share the same information with their kids. Not only that, but by teaching them to read a map, they will have no problem navigating other maps when visiting other cities.

Making Your Trip Extra Special

By getting your kids involved in the planning of sightseeing in NYC, they will enjoy a unique experience. They can share what they learned with classmates. They will remember this trip for life. Whether you decide to take a double decker bus in NYC, a night tour in NYC, or any of the other NYC tours, helping your kids understand how a map works will make your trip even more exciting and memorable.