Places to Go in NYC if You Want Salsa

Places to Go in NYC if You Want Salsa

When visiting the Big Apple, you already know that you have an abundance of options for places to go in NYC to eat. However, what you may not realize is that while you’re there, you can get some of the most delicious and authentic salsa anywhere in the country. Because salsa comes in all kinds of flavor combinations, you will have no problem finding what you like best. For outstanding salsa, consider making some stops at the best places to go in NYC. The following are just a few places that serve the best.

Places to Go in NYC: El Diablito Taqueria

Along with fantastic burritos, this restaurant has a reputation for its unbelievably delicious habanero salsa. As a hotspot among locals, finding places to go in NYC near the restaurant is not difficult.

Arriba Arriba

At this New York City restaurant, the chef has a flair for creating dishes using shrimp and fresh salsa. However, the entire menu is incredible, and the prices are affordable.

Otto’s Tacos

Using a hop on hop off NYC map, you will likely find a tour that makes a stop near this restaurant. There, you can enjoy homemade tortillas filled with tender meat and fresh salsa. It’s some of the best you will ever eat.

La Palapa

The open-air thatched roof makes this restaurant unique and exciting. Along with an excellent atmosphere, it serves incredible white sangria, the most delicious mushroom quesadillas, and _ you guessed it ­­– mouth-watering salsa.

Maz Mezcal

For fresh salsa with a healthier twist, this is the place to go. In fact, it is commonly frequented by residents in the area because they know the tamales, grilled shrimp tacos, and salsa are the best. As another hotspot, it’s one of the best places to go in NYC.

Westside Market

If you want to try your hand at making salsa, the best place to get fresh ingredients is at the Westside Market. There, you will find everything that you need and then some. As a favorite place for buying fresh ingredients, you can reach this destination via a tour bus in NYC. By going on a sightseeing in NYC tour, you can see iconic sites while at the same time visiting places for outstanding salsa.