Artwork You Should See When New York Sightseeing

Artwork You Should See When New York Sightseeing

Known for many things, including gorgeous artwork, New York is an exciting place to visit. There, you can see masterpieces that many people only read about in books. For visiting the best places, consider a New York sightseeing tour that brings you to the best art museums and exhibits.

New York Sightseeing: Museum of Modern Art

The following are just a few examples of the artwork that you can see at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

  • The Starry Night – Not only is The Starry Night one of Vincent van Gogh’s most prolific pieces, but it’s also one of the most famous paintings in the world. This painting is van Gogh’s interpretation of the view from his window at the Saint-Remy-de-Provence asylum.
  • The Persistence of Memory – While sightseeing in NYC, you can also see this famous Salvador Dali painting with a theme of time. It’s based on the gorgeous oceanside cliffs in Catalonia, Spain, where he lived. Painted in 1931, The Persistence of Memory has been on display at the museum since 1934.
  • Drowning Girl – Created by Roy Lichtenstein, this 1964 painting is another exceptional find. Using comic book-like imagery, his masterpiece represents humanity and its struggle with pride.
  • Fulang-Chang and I – To see this painting, you can take a tourist bus while New York sightseeing and enjoy the experience with other people fascinated in artwork. Created by Frida Kahlo, this painting is probably one of the more intriguing museum pieces. Painted in 1937, it was at one time a part of an entire Frida exhibit.

The Met

When you are New York sightseeing, you can visit The Met as well. It also hosts multiple famous paintings.

  • The Water Lily Pond – Claude Monet painted this colorful piece of art in 1899. Today, it remains one of the main attractions. In addition to planting water lilies as a hobby, Monet made more than 250 oil paintings of them, including this piece.
  • The Death of Socrates – Painted with oils on canvas, this Jacques-Louis David masterpiece dates to 1787. While some artwork on display moves around to different venues, this painting is one of The Met’s permanent fixtures. In the painting, David depicts Socrates surrounded by his saddened disciples as he ends his life by drinking hemlock.
  To enjoy some of the most incredible artwork in the world, take a day or night tour in NYC. Typically, the best bus tours in NYC stop by several museums, giving sightseers more exposure to some of the finest pieces on display.