Where to Go on New York Bus Tours if You Love Country Music

Where to Go on New York Bus Tours if You Love Country Music

If you’re a country music buff and if you love New York City or have always wanted to visit the Big Apple, you can get the best of both worlds. You may not think of New York as a country music town, but there are a handful of excellent country bars and establishments that you’ll love. When you head to this grand city, catch New York bus tours and spend some time at some of the top country music venues in the area. The music, atmosphere, food, and entertainment will blow you away and will make your trip even more memorable.

Take a Break from New York Bus Tours and Go to Coyote Ugly

This place may sound familiar to you because it’s the name of a popular 2000 movie of the same title. The movie follows the New York country music bar, the Coyote Ugly Saloon. Found at 153 1st Avenue, this is the perfect place for girls to grab a few friends and dance the night away. The bar is not only famous for the county music it plays but also for margarita nights. You can even hop up on the bar and show the whole place what dance moves you’ve got.

Johnny Utah’s

At 25 West 51st Street stands the landmark Southwestern country bar Johnny Utah’s. The facility offers plenty of space for dancing to the continuously played country tunes. You can also hop up on a mechanical bull and see how long you can ride. Of course, no bar is complete without amazing food, and Johnny Utah’s has some of the best barbecue in town. This bar is a must-stop on your New York bus tours through the city.  

Flaming Saddles Saloon

At this bar, found at 793 9th Avenue, you’ll find a little bit of the South in New York City. The bar owners do an amazing job creating a fun, festive atmosphere, complete with cowboy bartenders and all your favorite music and drinks. Make sure you stop here on your New York bus tours through the city.   In NYC, you can find just about anything. If you can’t get enough country music, take some New York bus tours to these fun-filled establishments.