6 Reasons You Should Take a NYC Boat Tour

6 Reasons You Should Take a NYC Boat Tour

Whether you are planning to visit New York City or live there, NYC boat tours are an excellent way to see the city. This gives you a unique perspective and provides numerous benefits over a traditional bus tour, although that is still a great option. Even if you are tight on time, here are some reasons to find a few hours for a boat tour.

Unique Views You Only Get from the Water

The biggest advantage of taking NYC boat tours is the amazing views that you will get. There is nothing like viewing the Manhattan Bridge from the water, which you can only do on a boat tour. While you can see these and other attractions from a distance on land, it simply isn’t the same.

There and Back for Twice the Photo Ops

In addition to giving you unique views, NYC boat tours will typically take you to your destination in back, meaning that you get twice the opportunities to take pictures of and admire every attraction you sail past.

Best Way to See the Statue of Liberty

Those interested in seeing Lady Liberty in all her glory will be able to get an OK view from land, but for the best possible view, you need to be in the water. This is due to the statue’s positioning, and it means that a boat tour is the only way to get the perfect photo or view of the Statue of Liberty.

No Need to Deal with Traffic

New York City is known for its maddening level of traffic, but this isn’t a concern when you are on a boat. Instead of competing with every car and bus, you only have to navigate around other boat tours, which aren’t that plentiful. This means less time sitting still and doing nothing while staring at boring buildings or cars and more time spent admiring NYC attractions.

Get Information from a Tour Guide

Just like on any other type of tour, NYC boat tours also include highly knowledgeable tour guides, so you will be receiving information and learning about your surroundings while getting those amazing views. Even those who think they know everything about NYC will likely learn something new or come up with a question to ask.

A Unique Experience

Finally, don’t forget to consider that taking NYC boat tours is a unique experience. While most visitors take a bus tour, significantly fewer do boat tours, meaning you will have something to tell your friends about. That also means that your boat tour may be less crowded than another type of tour.

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