6 Insider Tricks for the Best New York Sightseeing Trip

6 Insider Tricks for the Best New York Sightseeing Trip

If you are like most visitors to NYC, you have decided that one of the easiest and most effective ways to get in all your New York sightseeing is with a tour bus. In addition to finding the right tour company, you should also keep a few insider tricks in mind to ensure you get the best possible experience.

1. Choose a Company with Multiple Routes

Before you even buy your tickets for the tour bus, take the time to research your New York sightseeing options. Some bus companies will only have a single route, while others will offer two. The best will have at least three or four. Whenever possible, opt for a company that offers multiple routes that can be shared with a low-cost pass. This way, you will get the most for your money. Take this a step further and find a company that even includes a boat tour or other bonuses for free.

2. Get a Multiday Pass

Some New York sightseeing buses will offer the option of a single-ticket or a multiday pass. You should always go with the multiday pass, provided you will be in NYC for several days. Even if you only end up taking the bus tour once, you will appreciate having the option to finish it up the next day if necessary. This is particularly important with hop on hop off tours. Going with a multiday pass means you won’t feel rushed when hopping off to visit attractions. If you decide you want to spend five hours at that one museum, you can just finish the tour tomorrow without having to pay extra.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Do a Full Loop

Assuming you’ve gotten tickets for a hop on hop off tour, plan to do a full loop on the bus either before or after the one where you take advantage of the stops. This way, you can ensure you will have a good seat for the entire route. Once you get off, especially on a weekend, you are unlikely to get your seat back.

4. Make a Game Plan

To get the most from your tour bus, plan your New York sightseeing trip ahead of time. Sit down with the route map and a map of nearby attractions. Mark off where you want to get off the bus and how long you want to spend at each place. This way, you won’t be making last-minute decisions on the bus and rushing to get off.

5. Buy Your Tickets in Advance

Any insider will suggest buying your New York sightseeing bus tickets in advance. There are almost always sizable discounts for advance purchases. Use this savings to buy that souvenir, visit an attraction you wouldn’t have otherwise, or get an extra souvenir.

6. Plan for the Weather

Finally, remember to keep the weather in mind, especially if you are taking a double-decker tour bus. Bring a hat and sunscreen and if there is a chance of rain, grab a poncho, as well. With those tricks, your New York sightseeing experience will go off without a hitch.