5 Top Shopping Spots for Your New York Hop On Hop Off Tour

5 Top Shopping Spots for Your New York Hop On Hop Off Tour

When most people decide to opt for a New York hop on hop off bus tour, they do so as a way to explore the attractions. What you may not realize is that these tour routes are also great if you want to do some shopping for souvenirs and clothing in NYC as well – or even just window shop. Before your bus tour, you should plan where you’ll be getting on and off; make sure you get the chance to stop at these stores.

Artists & Fleas

Artists & Fleas is among the most popular stores in NYC and no wonder with a rotating group of about 60 vendors. In other words, this store is like dozens in one. You will find artists, designers, craftspeople, and more in this Williamsburg warehouse. Just keep in mind that this shopping destination is only open on weekends, so you have to plan your New York hop on hop off tour accordingly.


This New York store is actually already a mini-chain with three locations and a history of 15 years in business. This boutique is known for its fashion-forward styling and incredible range of prices. Whether you need to stick to a budget or want to splurge, you can do it here.

Brooklyn Reclamation

Brooklyn Reclamation is perfect for those who love interior decorating, although you will simply have to admire most of the items. The store features repurposed and vintage furniture. While you clearly won’t fit the metal and leather chairs on the tour bus (or in your suitcase), you can also find smaller items like small vases that used to be laboratory beakers.


Plan your New York hop on hop off bus tour so you get the chance to check out Story. Just keep in mind that it closes every few weeks so it can reopen with a completely new theme. Each cycle is the result of collaboration with guest architects and curators. Themes range from “Love Story” to “Good Story” to “Cool Story,” but the store is always worth checking out.


Although there are a few locations of Muji outside of New York, they are all along the coasts, so you should definitely check out the SoHo location during your bus tour. Not to mention that the NYC store is the flagship. Here you will find an incredible range of items, such as household goods, stationery, clothing, electronics, and accessories. Get some cute stationary to write friends notes from your trip to NY or buy a fun Asian snack to keep your energy levels up.

Remember that your New York hop on hop off bus tour is your ticket to shopping without having to worry about transportation in addition to your chance to see and learn about typical NYC attractions.