5 Tips for Easy NYC Bus Tours Hop-On Hop-Off

5 Tips for Easy NYC Bus Tours Hop-On Hop-Off

No matter what you do on your NYC bus tours hop-on hop-off adventure, you will be sure to have a great time. After all, this type of tour lets you see all the major attractions in New York City. It also allows you to get on and off the bus to see your favorite sights in more detail, spending as much time as you want at each stop. To make your tour go more easily, follow these tips.

Choose Your Seat Carefully

Start off by choosing where you will sit with care. Ideally, you should take a look at the NYC bus tours hop-on hop-off map before you get on. This way, you know which side your favorite attractions will be on. Use that knowledge to prioritize which sights you want the clearest view of and sit on the side of the bus that will put you closest to them. This way, you can admire your chosen landmarks. Plus, you can and snap pictures without other tourists’ heads in the way.

Know Where to Stop

One of the best things about NYC bus tours hop-on hop-off is that you can get on and off the bus as many times as you want. But you should only do so at designated locations. To take full advantage of this, check out the hop on hop off bus NYC map ahead of time to see where along the route attractions fall.

Check the Schedule

In addition to looking at the hop on hop off bus NYC map, be sure to pay attention to how frequently the buses run. This way, you will know about how much time you can spend at each attraction you hop off to explore. With an idea of the schedule in mind, you will know how long to spend at the Met or another museum or how much time you have for lunch in the middle of the tour.

Bring Water and Sun Protection

While you can get off the bus during your tour if you forget something important, you don’t want to have to hop off unless you want to. Make sure this is the case by bringing along everything you will need. This includes a small snack, water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat in summer and a light coat in fall.

Be Willing to Do a Full Route

The beauty of NYC bus tours hop on hop off options is that you can go through the route as many times as you want. If you have time, consider taking advantage of this to follow the route twice. One time, get off to check out attractions. The other time, stay on for the full route. This way, you know that you will have a good seat for viewing each attraction you pass.   Contact us to make the most of your next bus tour.