5 Things to Know For Your Trip to NYC

5 Things to Know For Your Trip to NYC

There are so many things to do in the Big Apple, that planning a trip to NYC can be daunting. Avoid Taxis Overpriced and notoriously slow when you’re in a rush, most New Yorkers skip taxis and travel instead by subway. Familiarizing yourself with the subway system can be an adventure in itself, and the people watching onboard is some of the best in the city! Plus, taking the subway is far cheaper than traveling by cab. However, there may be times when you just aren’t in the mood to take public transportation. If you want to get somewhere late at night, for instance, taking an Uber is a smart and reliable alternative to hailing a taxi from a sea of yellow cars.

Choose Food Trucks Over Street Food

Forget boiled meat and soggy buns, and prepare to have your taste buds dazzled! From “grown up grilled cheese” to healthy vegan eats, you can fulfill just about any craving at one of the more than 500 food trucks throughout the city. And with just about every type of cuisine you could desire, you can eat your way from Argentina to Lebanon without leaving The Big Apple. So how do you find these food trucks, you ask? Well, there’s an app for that!

Come Prepared for Your Trip to NYC

All too often, visitors travel to NYC without proper footwear, rain gear or adequate layers. The weather in New York can change without warning, and you won’t want to be caught in a downpour without an umbrella. And temperatures are just as unpredictable. Summer is known for extreme heat contrasted by frigid temps inside air-conditioned buildings. Sure, NYC is a fashion-forward city, but follow the example of true New Yorkers and dress with comfort in mind – especially when it comes to shoes. High heels are not the best choice in this city where you’ll be walking long and far. 

Central Park is Worth the Hype

There are some famous places that leave visitors seriously underwhelmed, but Central Park just isn’t one of them! Covering more than 840 acres, this landmark is more than just a park and no trip to New York City is complete without spending an afternoon in its grassy stretches. Watch sea lions splash around at the Central Park Zoo, or spend the afternoon exploring the lake on a rowboat. Picnic in Sheep Meadow, and be mesmerized by the park’s multiple gardens. For those who want a little exercise, head to the iconic Wollman skating rink, which is open year round. You could truly live in New York City your entire life and still not see every nook of this epic park.

Explore New York City From Different Angles

Get high and see the city from above a double decker bus tour or at a rooftop bar. Eat at world-renowned restaurants that boast famous chefs, but also have a meal at an unassuming mom-and-pop shop. See a Broadway show, and also stop to watch musicians perform in the streets. This city is a metropolis of extremes, and a trip to NYC isn’t complete without a little variety!