5 NYC Sightseeing Mistakes to Avoid to Stay on Budget

5 NYC Sightseeing Mistakes to Avoid to Stay on Budget

Avoid these sightseeing mistakes when you tour NYC! If you are planning a vacation to the Big Apple, you are likely trying to get an idea of what your expenses are going to be and hoping not to spend an arm and a leg. Before taking your NYC sightseeing trip, consider the following budget mistakes and pitfalls.

Not Knowing Your Budget in General

At the very start of your planning stage, you need to get an idea of your budget. Take some time to look ahead at monthly expenses and even pay some bills early. This way, when you get back from NYC sightseeing, you aren’t making your payments late. Make sure to consider food, travel, airfare, and hotel costs. Also consider any additional events, souvenirs, and some “mad money,” so that everything isn’t planned down to the last penny. This will help your trip stay fun and “spur of the moment.”

Sit Down Restaurants for Every Meal

The Big Apple is full of world-renowned restaurants where you can get an exceptional meal for a price. While your trip should include at least one unique dining experience, you can save some money by not sitting down for every meal. Instead, use the mini fridge in your hotel room and get some meals from any of the many food carts about town. There is no end to the variety of food you can get on a corner here, and it will shave dollars off your food budget.

Taking a Cab Everywhere You Go

New York City is famed for its taxicab service. A trip here wouldn’t be the same without taking at least one. However, if you rely on cabs to get you everywhere you want to go, you will need to have a lot of room in your budget. Instead, make use of the amazing public transport systems the city has and take the subway. Another budget-savvy option is to take NYC sightseeing bus tours. This way, you can hop on and hop off near any attractions you wish to visit and not have to spend a cab fare each time.

Not Preplanning Your Trip

If you just grab tickets or jump in the car and head out to the Big Apple, you will miss out on some of the best things the city has to offer. Your NYC sightseeing trip will be improved if you spend some time online planning before you go. This way, you can compare different ticket prices and get the best deals.

Not Taking Advantage of Online Promotions

Shopping for your tickets online will give you the chance to make use of any promotions, discounts, or coupons available. It isn’t unusual to purchase tickets for one event, only to get a coupon for another attraction. Looking online for advanced tickets is one of the best ways to keep from going over budget when sightseeing in NYC.