5 Mistakes Tourists Make When Taking a NYC Tour Bus

5 Mistakes Tourists Make When Taking a NYC Tour Bus

Dont make these mistakes when you visit NYC! There are many mistakes common to tourists who visit the Big Apple and take a NYC tour bus. Some mistakes are made specifically regarding the actual bus ride, while others are mistakes made in the overall travel plan to the City That Never Sleeps. Before you decide on taking a vacation that includes a hop on hop off bus tour, learn about some pitfalls you can avoid.

Skipping the Off Season

The Big Apple doesn’t really have a season, like many resorts. However, January is the slowest time for hotels in New York. If you absolutely must visit New York during a certain month because of an event, that is one thing. However, you shouldn’t skip over some of the colder months. Don’t underestimate the beauty this metropolis holds during a crisp snow, and the savings you can reap on your trip if you come during “Hotel Week.” This is a period in early January where you can get hotel rooms as low as half off.

Waiting in Lines

If you want to see some of the most famous attractions like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building, you will likely have to deal with long lines. With a hop on hop off NYC bus tour, you have the convenience of riding further and returning at a slower time. An even better way to see the best attractions is to buy advance tickets and skip the line all together. Often, this will also get you fantastic savings.

Eating at Chain Restaurants

Travelers tend to be afraid of choosing an unfamiliar restaurant only to receive poor service, terrible food, and a high price. Skip the familiar chains, and try something unique and delicious. New York is filled with top-rated restaurants if you’re in the mood for something elegant. There also are many smaller, mom-and-pop places where you can get a delicious meal that doesn’t break the bank. In fact, you can even ask your NYC tour bus driver for suggestions on where to grab a bite at your next stop.

Not Taking Advantage of Hop on Hop Off NYC Tour Bus

Because of the range of options for getting around New York City, people often miss out on just how convenient using a hop on hop off NYC tour bus is. Often, these tour buses stop more than 30 times, providing you many opportunities to get out and see the best of the city has to offer. Don’t splurge on a cab when you can have a ride all day long that will take you to the top attractions and save you money while doing so.


One of the joys of taking a NYC tour bus is the ability to be spontaneous and literally hop on or off whenever you want. There is no limit to the number of times you can get on or off, so why have a detailed itinerary? Allowing the freedom to enjoy something you see rather than sticking to a schedule is one of the best ways to tour the Big Apple.