5 Historical Attractions You Can See on an NYC Tour Bus

5 Historical Attractions You Can See on an NYC Tour Bus

Brooklyn Bridge a view from the FDR Drive in Manhattan Riding an NYC tour bus is the easiest way to get a feel for the city and see a large portion of it all in a few hours. During your bus ride, you will see and learn about a range of modern and historic attractions. Here are some of the historical sights you should watch out for.

Apollo Theater

Opt for an NYC tour bus that takes you through Harlem, and you will spot the Apollo Theater. The tour guide will definitely give you plenty of information about this attraction, a Harlem institution for around eight decades. Ella Fitzgerald had her very first performance there in 1934, and James Brown’s “Live at the Apollo” launched his career into the mainstream. Jimi Hendrix also got his start during Amateur Night in 1964.

Brooklyn Bridge

Most people just drive over Brooklyn Bridge, admire its beauty, or use it to get views without contemplating its history. However, this is a historical attraction to admire, as it has been around since 1883. At that time, it was the longest of all suspension bridges in the world.

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

This gorgeous cathedral has plenty of history. It was renovated in recent decades, including following a 2001 fire that destroyed the gift shop and two Italian tapestries from the 17th century. The cathedral originally began construction in 1892 with a Romanesque style, which then changed to Gothic Revival design in 1911. Construction stopped for WWII in 1941 and began again in 1979. All this means that though the building has plenty of history, a good portion of it is more recent.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is more than just an iconic part of the New York skyline; it is also a historic attraction. Construction ended in 1931 with the 1,454-foot-tall structure after just 11 months. Throughout the years, it has seen its share of celebration and tragedy, including a plane crash in 1945 due to fog that killed 14 tenants and a terrace on its 103rd floor that used to be an airship docking station.

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall has been attracting patrons since it opened in 1930 with its performances on the massive stage and gorgeous Art Deco details. You will drive by it on nearly any NYC tour bus, but if you are in town during the winter, stop by to watch the Christmas Spectacular. Otherwise, be sure to hop off your tour bus to check it out in more detail, including the interior. To check out all of these historical attractions and others around New York City, book tickets for an NYC tour bus.