Tips for Teens Sightseeing in New York

If you plan to visit the Big Apple and have teens interested in sightseeing in New York, the tips provided will ensure they have a great time while staying safe. Ultimately, your teens can see some of the more popular tourist attractions while learning about the city and creating lifelong memories.

Helpful Tips

The best tip is for your teens to take a sightseeing bus in NYC. They will be with a lot of other people who want to go to different places throughout the city. Sightseeing in New York via a tour bus is an efficient way to see the city. It’s also affordable, safe, and fun, making it the perfect solution for curious young minds. You should sit down with your teens to lay out a plan about what attractions they will see. Remember, they may have interest in things that you might not want to see, but the goal is to create a positive experience while visiting the city that never sleeps. However, you can guide them by making suggestions to include the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and even Ground Zero. Be sure that you pack or have them pack snacks to keep them hydrated and fueled while enjoying time on the tour bus in NYC. Using a backpack, include things like granola bars, power bars, small bags of chips, and bottled water or juice. You can also identify a restaurant where they can get off the bus, enjoy a delicious meal, and then get back on the tour bus without worrying about their whereabouts. Although a guided tour will follow a designated route, always pack a map or cell phone with GPS capability. That way, if your teens happen to venture off, they can quickly find their way back to the bus. The cell phone also provides them with a line of communication so that you can touch base while they sightsee in the Big Apple. With a little bit of planning, your teens will have an incredible time while you have peace of mind.