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4 Things You Should Know Before Taking a New York Tour Bus

Before you take your bus tour, however, be sure that you have answered all the important questions.

1. Is It Hop On Hop Off?

One of the most important things to know about your New York tour bus is whether you can hop on and back off. This option typically is offered on the more popular routes, like Downtown, although some companies will also have the option for their Uptown routes.

2. What Is the Route, and How Long Does It Take?

In addition to whether you can get on and off, don’t forget to check what the specific route the bus takes is. This way, you know which attractions you will be riding by and getting the chance to learn about. You should also know how long the entire route takes to complete so you can bring the appropriate amount of water and plan your meals around the New York tour bus.

3. Is the Top Covered?

In the case of the ever-popular double decker New York tour bus, be sure that you know whether the top is covered. Most of the time, it will be open to provide you with better views of the city as you drive by.

4. What Languages Are Available?

Depending on your native language, you may also want to know what language the tour is in. Almost every tour will be in English by default. However, the most popular routes may also offer prerecorded audio in another language. If someone in your group is more comfortable with another language, confirm that audio is available in it.