Easy Snacks to Bring on a New York Sightseeing Trip

Easy Snacks to Bring on a New York Sightseeing Trip

Got an upcoming vacation planned to New York City? There’s no shortage of things to do in this bustling city. You may not be able to fit everything in during your stay, but when you take a New York sightseeing trip, you can enjoy some of the most popular attractions in the Big Apple. During the excursion, you want to maximize your time so you can see as much as possible. One way to do this is to carry an ample supply of snacks. This way, you don’t have to stop for food. This will save you precious time and money. Check out some of the best snacks to bring.

Trail Mix

Grab a baggie and toss in an assortment of nuts along with some raisins and small pieces of chocolate, and you’ve got yourself an old favorite: trail mix. This is a common snack to take camping or hiking. Trail mix is easy to assemble, and it provides nourishment and energy. This will be essential on hot days in New York. Another nice thing about trail mix is that you can add just about whatever you want. Try some other types of dried fruit or even yogurt-covered cashews.

Granola Bars

Sometimes, when you start to feel hunger pains, you need the right blend of something sweet and something filling. A granola bar will help satisfy your sugar craving without causing you to crash. Packed with oats and other grains, a granola bar will give you nutrients to sustain you throughout your New York sightseeing trip. These are also excellent snacks for your young travelers who may be a little picky.

Assorted Fruit

It’s important to try to avoid processed sugar as much as possible. This will only wear you down and cause unneeded fatigue on your New York sightseeing trip. Fruit is a healthy alternative to candy and other junk when you’re craving something sweet. It’s best to choose easy-to-carry fruits that won’t require refrigeration. Apples, oranges, peaches, and pears are excellent choices for the entire family.

String Cheese

Protein is essential to fuel you while you’re out and about on your New York sightseeing excursion. You can’t go wrong with string cheese to provide this vital nourishment. It’s simple to carry several sticks of this cheese, and people of all ages will love them. As you go from place to place on your trip, don’t forget this tasty snack.   Trekking around New York is bound to get you tired. Make sure to take some healthy, delicious snacks with you on your sightseeing trip.