3 Surprising Places New York Downtown Tours Can Take You

3 Places New York Downtown Tours Can Take You That You Might Not Think Of

New York City is home to hundreds if not thousands of attractions if you know where to look. However, most people tend to opt for a New York main attractions tour without contemplating these lesser-known places. You may not realize it, but your New York downtown tours can actually bring you to some of those amazing sites you may not think of. With a bit of planning and knowledge of what you want to see, you can easily visit these places in addition to the major tourist sights.

Gulliver’s Gate

When your one day tour New York takes you to Midtown West, stop by Gulliver’s Gate to admire the amazing architecture. This attraction is in Times Square and has 1:87-scale models, each of which includes the tiniest details such as miniature people and running trains. You can see replicas of places like the Arc de Triomphe, Buenos Aires, and Jerusalem. While there, you can even have your full body scanned. They might use you in a future replica!

New-York Historical Society

As your New York main attractions tour takes you through Manhattan, consider hopping off to visit the New-York Historical Society on Central Park West. The Upper West Side building dates back to 1804, making it the oldest of all museums in the city. At the museum, you will find over 1.6 million works exploring the history of not only NYC but the entire country as well. These include historical artifacts, exhibits, and art. Be sure to head to the fourth floor for the Henry Luce III Center with 100 Tiffany lamps and a center for Women’s History. Or head to the Gilder Lehrman Collection to see signed copies of the Constitution, Thirteenth Amendment, and Emancipation Proclamation. There is also a DiMenna Children’s History Museum within, which is perfect for kids between eight and 13.

The Met Breuer

You’ve probably thought about visiting the Met during your New York downtown tours, but what about the Met Breuer? This art museum is in Lenox Hill and is an extension of the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. This building was designed by Marcel Breuer and used to house the Whitney before it went to the Meatpacking District. The location opened in 2016, and as part of an agreement with the Whitney, the Met will rent it for at least eight years.   To enjoy these lesser-known attractions and the major sights, get your tickets for New York downtown tours.