3 Reasons You Should Consider a NYC Boat Tour

3 Reasons You Should Consider a NYC Boat Tour

Most people visiting New York City have a few things on their checklist, such as exploring Times Square and seeing a show on Broadway. While many also choose to go on a bus tour, NYC boat tours frequently are overlooked. These are an amazing way to get a unique perspective on the city you don’t even have to deal with traffic while on them! If you are still planning your trip to the Big Apple, here are some reasons why you should take a boat tour.

Best Views of the Statue of Liberty

The biggest reason to take NYC boat tours is the amazing view you will get of the Statue of Liberty. Yes, you can take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, but then you would also have to buy tickets to get close. Instead of paying for that ferry, why not spend about the same and see even more on a boat tour? Without getting out onto the water, your best choice for seeing the statue will be from the Battery, Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, or from within the Museum of Jewish Heritage or the Ritz-Carlton. While all those options exist, none will give you as nice of a view of this iconic representation of freedom as NYC boat tours.

More Than Just Lady Liberty

While most people take NYC boat tours to get better views of Lady Liberty, this isn’t the only attraction you will see while on the water. This type of tour will also give you unique views of Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, the World Trade Center, Battery Park, and more. By seeing from a different angle than you would while on a tour bus or walking around, you are better able to create a clear mental image of these attractions and New York City as a whole. Not only do you get to see all of these attractions, you also will pass everything twice, as every boat tour takes you there as well as back.

Fits into Your Schedule Perfectly

If you are visiting New York, chances are you want to fit as many activities as you can into your time there. NYC boat tours are the perfect way to do this. The average full boat tour will be about an hour and a half and have multiple departure times, so you can go whenever works best for you. This lets you work other attractions and sites into your schedule without having to sacrifice anything.

Whether you want to see the Statue of Liberty from her best angle, get a different perspective on New York City, or just take a tour not everyone goes on, NYC boat tours are easy to reserve and well worth the low cost.