3 Places for Nature Lovers on Your One Day Tour New York

3 Places for Nature Lovers on Your One Day Tour New York

It is true that New York City is a huge metropolitan area with little greenery in certain areas. Even so, there are multiple locations within the city that you can enjoy on a one day tour New York that will help you connect with nature and re-energize. Nature lovers should be sure to check out these spots while enjoying their New York highly rated tours.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Check out the hop on hop off bus NYC map for your tours around Brooklyn to see how close you will be to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  The Native Flora Garden is especially worth a visit. This garden houses a range of plants native to the area and includes a range of habitats, such as pine barrens and native woodlands. You can relax surrounded by flowers while learning. If you have kids, don’t skip the Discovery Garden in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden either.

Central Park

It goes without saying that Central Park is a huge green area perfect for nature lovers to visit during New York sightseeing tours. You will definitely be satisfied with a simple stroll around the park as a break from your one day tour New York. But if you want even more nature, head to the North Woods. This area is in the northwest corner of Central Park and among the most secluded and wildest areas. You will find fallen trees, wildlife, and an area that feels truly natural. You can go bird watching, hike, or just sit and appreciate the gorgeous surroundings. Harlem Meer is another great choice in Central Park, where you can spot fish, waterfowl, and turtles.

New York Botanical Garden

Another unsurprising stop for nature lovers during a one day tour New York is the New York Botanical Garden, which is located in the Bronx. While the whole area is amazing, be sure to spend some time in the Thain Family Forest. It’s the biggest uncut portion of NY’s original wooded landscape. You will get to stroll through a forest that has been around for thousands of years, see Native American hunting trails, and spot the marks left behind by glaciers. Those who prefer flowers should check out the Azalea Garden in the New York Botanical Garden. Discover the routes for your one day tour New York. See what other attractions you will spot when you contact us.