3 NYC Ramen Restaurants to Warm You Up

3 NYC Ramen Restaurants to Warm You Up

As the seasons change and we transition to cooler weather, New Yorkers are flocking to their favorite ramen spots. With so many options, it can be hard to find a true gem if you don’t know where to start looking. If you want to warm up, try one of these 3 NYC ramen restaurants.

Ramen Lab

best nyc ramen restaurants: ramen lab

It may seem obvious that a place called Ramen Lab will have great ramen, but they offer more than just a delicious dish; their menu is unique. A new chef takes up residence in the “lab” on a near monthly basis, offering another spin on the menu. The small restaurant can only accommodate 15 people at a time, and it’s standing room only.


best nyc ramen restaurants: nakamura

Chef Shigetoshi “Jack” Nakamura first came onto the ramen scene as a chef at Ramen Lab, then later opened his own restaurant in Williamsburg. Chef Nakamura is hailed as one of only four “Ramen Gods”, and his food is a reflection of that success. Another small spot, expect to wait for your ramen, but know it’s definitely worth it.


best nyc ramen restaurants: ippudo

A popular name among New Yorkers, Ippudo is a top spot for ramen. Best-known for its tonkotsu broth (a traditional technique that few restaurants still dedicate time to), this ramen empire is definitely worth making some time for. Ippudo is also one of the few restaurants in NYC that makes their own noodles. Get there before 5 PM to beat the insane crowds.

Avoid bland broth and overcooked noodles by getting your Japanese noodle soup fix at one of these NYC ramen restaurants.