3 NYC Indian Restaurants for the Foodie that Loves Spice

3 NYC Indian Restaurants for the Foodie that Loves Spice

In a city that has it all, many visitors come looking to try the best of their favorite flavors. Indian is a popular cuisine among New Yorkers, and there are hundreds of places to choose from. Narrow down your options with these 3 NYC Indian restaurants.

Indian Accent

At first-look, Indian Accent seems to edge closer to fine dining with their prix fixe and chef’s tasting menu. However, the dishes are much more fun than the menu may make them seem. There are even nods to traditional NYC fare, with pastrami making appearances on the menu.


Each morning, spices are hand-ground and mixed into house blends in the spice room. The menu is organized by traditional methods of Indian cooking, and goes beyond tandoor. The special concentration on spices makes its appearance in each section of the menu, making this luxe restaurant a top pick for Indian cuisine.


benares nyc food indian Near Times Square, this restaurant offers an escape from the madness outside. Benares focuses on the lush spices and diversity often found in Indian cuisine. You’ll find your traditional favorites, as well as some more unique options. If you’re looking to get away from Midtown, they have a second location in Tribeca. If you’re looking for good NYC Indian restaurants, you can’t go wrong with these choices.