Tips for Snapchatting on Your NYC Sightseeing Bus

Tips for Snapchatting on Your NYC Sightseeing Bus

As you make your way through New York City on an NYC sightseeing bus, make sure to take some snapchats for your friends and fans to see. Here are seven tips to improve your Snapchats and how to best use them as you are riding the bus.

Use the Single Hand Zoom

Snapchat recently added this feature. It lets you zoom into something with one hand by just dragging your finger up and away from the red button. If things get blurry, just make sure to tap again to set the focus straight.

Double Layer Filters

You know how Snapchat allows you to pick a filter? Of course! But did you know that it also allows you to pick two filters? If you want to add a filter over another filter, swipe to pick your first filter. Then, tap and hold your screen as you swipe again. Your first filter will remain set, and your second one will be added onto it.

Use a Geofilter

As you’ll make your way through the different neighborhoods of the city, you will realize that the name or place of the location you’re at will appear on your Snapchat as a filter. Make sure to use those as a way to direct your followers along your journey. It’s always easier to enjoy a Snapchat story if viewers understand where exactly you are. As you drive along on your NYC sightseeing bus, make sure to add the geofilter to each of your snaps.

Look into the Lens

If you take a video or a picture, make sure you look into the lens. As your bus is moving, it’s hard to always keep your focus on the camera. But if your focus is on the lens, your face should appear nicely centered on the picture or video. Looking straight into your lens also allows you to not only keep your audience more engaged. You can also look directly at your viewer. It’s just as if you were making straight eye contact with him or her.

Move Slowly

When you take a video, move around slowly. If you use Snapchat on your NYC sightseeing bus, you are already moving. So, if you start moving around, the risk is high that your video will get blurry. It’s normal to be excited about all that New York City has to offer. But it’s better to take your time and send more videos than to cramp everything in one video all at once.

Be Selective

But don’t send too many videos. Although the NYC sightseeing bus keeps going and you want to show the world every aspect of your trip, sending too many Snapchats can get you to lose viewers.

Have a Story

Having a story is a good way to keep your audience engaged. Your story will allow your viewers to understand the highlights of your trip. It will also help you build a following.  Start your Snapchat story by sending your followers a picture of the NYC sightseeing bus. Express your excitement about starting this trip. Along your way, make sure you keep your audience posted about your location and what you are seeing. That way, they can follow your story and experience your journey along with you.