Things to Do in New York City if You’re a Movie Buff

Things to Do in New York City if You’re a Movie Buff

As a world-renowned movie hub, New York City will not let you down. If you are a major movie buff, then you can definitely take advantage of all the things to do in New York City. There is a very long history of movie-making in the city. Thousands of scenes from different TV shows and movies were filmed all over New York City. There are plenty of things to do in New York City related to movie locations that you can take advantage of when you ride a double decker bus.

Things to Do in New York City: Take a Brooklyn Tour

Brooklyn has been home to many movie sets. If you want to find out about all the movies that were filmed in New York City, take advantage of the double decker bus that rides through Brooklyn for two hours. You will not only learn about the filming sets but will also see a variety of other attractions. You’ll also get a great view of Manhattan. If you can, rent a bike and bike through the city’s most artsy neighborhood. You can take your bike through some of the most famous movie sets.

Tour Central Park

Featured in movies and TV shows such as “Big Daddy,” “Friends,” and “Sex and the City,” Central Park is one of the most important filming locations in New York City. Therefore, it’s one of the most important things to do in New York City if you are a movie buff. You can take advantage of your two extra hours of free bike rental that you get with your NYC pass. It’s your chance to bike around the world’s largest urban park. Additionally, some of the world’s most famous movie producers and actors, such as Al Pacino and Steven Spielberg, live around Central Park. You might even be able to see them! When you bike around Central Park, make sure to also check out some of the local attractions. These include the Carousel, Belvedere Castle, and Turtle Pond.