Tips for Finding the Best NYC Pass Online

Tips for Finding the Best NYC Pass Online

An NYC pass is a great way to see the city from all its corners and angles. But how do you pick the right pass for you? This decision can be quite confusing with all the tours that are offered online. In the end, it basically depends on two main factors: the length of your stay in New York City and what you want to see.

Length of Your Stay

If you are only staying in New York City for a day or just one night, then you should opt for the 24-hour NYC pass. This pass includes two hop on hop off tours and two non-stop tours. The hop on hop off tours are a great way to discover Manhattan, as they allow you to stop and get off at some of the most popular attractions. The first hop on hop off tour goes to lower Manhattan, and the second one goes to uptown Manhattan and parts of Harlem. The two non-stop tours that are included in a 24-hour NYC pass are a Brooklyn Tour and a night tour. They are also great ways to see what the city has to offer in less than two hours.   If you plan it right, you can easily take advantage of all four tours in 24 hours. If you are staying longer than 24 hours, then you should opt for either the two-day, three-day, or five-day NYC pass. Besides the four tours listed above, these passes also include a Liberty Cruise and a Bronx non-stop tour.

What You Want to See

If you have a clear idea of what you want to see during your trip to New York City, then you will more easily be able to pick which NYC pass best fits your needs. Do you want to see Chinatown or Little Italy? Then you can take the hop on hop off downtown tour included in all of the passes. Do you want to check out the Statue of Liberty? Then get a multi-day pass. You can make your way onto the ferry. For a visit to Central Park or the museums, you can take the hop on hop off downtown route. And for a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline, opt for the night tour.