New York Night Tour Safety Tips

Taking a New York night tour is a great way to see the city at night. When the sun sets, all of the city’s lights come on, offering an entirely new experience of New York City. The New York night tour is a tour you will definitely want to take. But is New York City safe at night? This is a recurrent question, and there is no one definite answer. The bus ride itself is safe and secure, so no need to worry about that. Some areas of the city are less safe than others. But if you are planning on taking the night tour, you will get on and off the bus in Times Square, which is a relatively safe area at night. In general, Manhattan is pretty safe at night, so your New York night tour should be a pleasant experience. Although Manhattan is pretty safe at night, here are a few tips you can use to make sure you’re safe when walking the streets.

Walk in Groups

Just to be extra safe, don’t walk alone at night. Walk with a friend or even a group of friends. If you are visiting the city on your own and don’t have anyone to walk with, make sure you walk close by another group of people just in case you need their attention in a bad situation.

Know Your Way Back

Make sure you know exactly how to get back once your New York night tour is over. The tour ends in Times Square, so make sure to plan the rest of your night according to that. If you are thinking of going somewhere else after your night tour, plan ahead and think of ways to get back. Make sure you know which public transit options will take you to your house or hotel. You can also consider taking an Uber or taxi. If you decide to take the subway, make sure you enter a car that has a lot of people in it. If you decide to take a taxi, make sure that the taxi is licensed.