NYC Things to Do for Vegetarians

NYC Things to Do for Vegetarians

Regardless of your dietary needs, there are so many NYC things to do when it comes to food. The city of New York has expanded its reach for everyone by opening a variety of vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and other types of restaurants. The restaurants don’t limit themselves to American food either. There is a meatless cuisine for everyone. Therefore, here is a list of the best NYC things to do and places to go to for vegetarians.

NYC Things to Do: Beyond Sushi

This sushi place is in lower Manhattan and offers a great variety of vegan and vegetarian sushi. Some of the specialties include noodle salads, soups, curried cauliflower sushi, rice paper wraps, and charred corn sushi.

Dirt Candy

Eating food is part of the best NYC things to do, and eating vegetarian food at Dirt Candy is even better. Try the black radish spaghetti, the radish and goat cheese omelet, zucchini pancakes, or the green eggs. The mapo eggplant, Brussels sprouts tacos, and the Korean fried broccoli are also delicious. As you can notice, Dirt Candy found a way to turn those boring vegetables into the most delicious and diverse meals.


This East Village joint takes its products directly from local farms. It specializes in replacing typical meat dishes with vegetables. Examples of this include the rotisserie-crisped beets and the carrots Wellington.


If you’re into Israeli food, then Taim will not disappoint you. This small joint specializes in vegetarian and gluten-free foods and also uses traditional Tunisian spices to spice up its falafel. Also, the falafel is considered the best in New York City, making a trip to this place one of the most necessary NYC things to do when you visit.

Avant Garden

The restaurant is in East Village and offers a variety of hot and cold vegan items. Its specialty is the toast menu, which comes in a variety of options. These include the mushrooms and onion marmalade toast, the fennel hummus with olives and orange toast, and the sunchoke toast with quince and pistachios. The restaurant is also extremely popular amongst locals. If you eat there, then you will absolutely not be disappointed.