What You Won’t Miss on Your Hop on Hop off New York Tour

What You Won’t Miss on Your Hop on Hop off New York Tour

Hop on hop off New York bus tours are the ultimate sightseeing experience for those with limited time in the city. With TopView Sightseeing York, you can see most NYC attractions in only one day.

What’s Included?

A one day tour consists of a 24-hour All City Pass. This will include four different tours: a hop on hop off uptown tour, a non-stop Brooklyn tour, a hop on hop off downtown tour, and a non-stop night tour. The hop on hop off New York tours are the easiest ways for you to not miss out on the NYC attractions and most famous landmarks. They show you the best spots in town. Plus, they offer you the flexibility to get on and off wherever you desire.

New York Brooklyn Tour

The Brooklyn Tour is a nonstop tour that will bring you to the hippest neighborhoods of New York City. The highlights of the Brooklyn tour include the Grand Army Plaza, the Manhattan Bridge, the Barclays Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Brooklyn Museum.

The Uptown Tour

The hop on hop off New York uptown tour will take you to upper Manhattan and around Central Park. This tour then starts at the Port Authority, which is on 8th Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Street. The highlights of this tour include the Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim, the Apollo Theater, the Museum of the City of New York, the Frick, the American Museum of Natural History and the Dakota Apartments (John Lennon’s former home).

The Downtown Tour

The hop on hop off New York downtown tour will then bring you around to the most popular NYC attractions. These include Chinatown, the World Trade Center, Broadway, the Empire State Building, and Times Square. The tour starts in the center of Times Square and stops 15 times in downtown Manhattan. This also offers you the chance to hop on and hop off the bus wherever you want!

The Night Tour

Finally, the night tour will offer you a whole new perspective of the city that never sleeps. First, ride the double decker bus and experience NYC attractions during the nighttime. You will pass Times Square and then the Empire State Building. You can witness how New York City illuminates at night. By picking one of the three hop on hop off New York tours above and concluding with the night tour, you will get a full experience of New York. You won’t miss out on anything!