Cool Indoor Activities to Enjoy in NYC

For many, it seems as though The Big Apple is only good in perfect weather. After all, it is the only under good lighting and weather that you get to see the beauty of the city on New York bus tours (or so it seems) right? In this article, we aim to change your perspective. Just because many of NYC bus tours and parks seem to be off limits, it does not mean that you should be cooped up in your condo watching movies non-stop. Whether you enjoy ice skating or learning new things in museums be brave enough to take the cold on your way to great indoor activity setups all around New York.

Indoor golfing

Indoor golfing in NYC

If golfing is your thing, then you should be out and about enjoying it even while the cold weather prevails. The good part though is that you will not freeze while you are at it. Practice your swing at the Chelsea Piers away from the harsh weather elements of the Big City. The fact that the complex does not require you to have membership to gain access is an added plus. Join many other golfers with a passion for the sport and have the time of your life. If you prefer to be alone, however, choose the off peak hours. During this time you will even get a better bang for your cash.

The simulators available provide over 55 different championships that will keep you busy and still work to perfect and sharpen your form, all while enjoying sumptuous pizzas and beer from the brewery company below the ‘golfing’ area.

Go bowling

Indoor activities in NYC

Many would argue and disagree that bowling is not a sport. However, what these individuals all seem to be in agreement of is the fact that it is mad fun. The Gutter, as it is referred to by many, features an 8 lane bowling alley that is very similar to the 1980s Milwaukee. You can toss the frames around and then after you have had your fill of the fun retreat to the trophy decorated lounge. As you relax, you can also enjoy a Spicy Allagash for just $7.

Listen to cool jazz and play games at Fat Cat

Enjoy indoor games and jazz music at Fat Cat

When the weather is being mean, go underground – Fat Cat will take great care of you. It is a cheap and a fun spot to be in. It is very easy to lose yourself in it once you start playing the shuffleboard or Ping-Pong. The damage is however per hour and fixed at $7 while fuβball will cost you a dollar for every game and chess, being the cheapest is a dollar for unlimited play. Once you are worn out and tired fall back on the couches available and nod your head to the rhythm of the jazz music.

Wall climbing at the Brooklyn Boulders

Wall climbing at the Brooklyn Boulders

On one of your NYC bus tours, you probably went across the Brooklyn Bridge. You had someone explain the history of the Bridge, how much it cost and just how many bright minds dedicated their lives to see its completion. Its beauty and glory is almost heavenly. Do you desire to climb it? The only thing stopping you is the height and the obvious issue of safety. Well, what if I told you that you could have the desire of your heart? That you could climb the Brooklyn Bridge wall and be safe the whole time?

Yes you can climb the wall (a 30 foot) replica of it anyway at the rock climbing gym. Having more than 22 000 sq. ft. of climbing walls to scale is enough for any Spidey to be entertained for hours. If you have never been to wall climbing before, you can take the introductory classes for anything between $49 and $89.

Read a book at Housing Works Bookstore Café

People reading at Housing Works Bookstore Café in New York

Reading is not for geeks only. It is for everyone and anyone who loves stories. The world is filled with all kinds of stories turned into books. There are facts and fiction, collectibles and rare books you could get your hands on at this Bookstore. The beauty of this destination is that you can opt for some personal relaxation as you enjoy a read or have fun over cups of coffee or glasses of wine with friends.

NYC bus tours are exciting and just might get you out of the house, but since they can keep you away from home the whole day, it is important that you look into the above destinations for perfect indoor games.

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