Breathtaking NYC Boat Tours Families Will Love

New York is a great place for Adults, especially at night, but it also can be fun for families. With kids around, it can be slightly tricky to get it all figured out, but with a little help, you can have all the fun you want navigating the Big Apple by taxi, through the subway or by foot. But there is also another option – NYC boat tours. We compiled a list of great boat rides in New York City perfect for families who want to check out NYC attractions or better yet enjoy the view of the setting sun on the NYC beaches horizon.

East River Ferry

East River Ferry Cruising in New York City

This is one of the few ferries you can set your watch to and that run every day of the week. It shuttles tourists and locals to Governors Island, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Featuring both outside and inside areas on-board, travellers in this ferry have great views of the city as it makes its way to its destinations. While bikes are allowed on-board, heelies, skateboards and rollerblades aren’t.

 Governor’s Island Ferry


If you are on a New York vacation but are slightly short on cash, you will find this to be a great option. The Governors Island ferry is cheap and affordable for many but still provides great views for those looking to have a view of varying New York City attractions.

Governors Island is the 172 acre piece of land at the center of New York Harbor. It is 800 yards from the lower side of Manhattan and very close to Brooklyn. Simply put, and like many famous islands in the world, it is a unique destination that promises everything you could dream about.

Staten Island Ferry

This is by far the oldest ferry system there is. It was what New Yorkers depended on several years ago to travel between the city’s boroughs before the modern (though ancient) bridges that we have come to adore so much were built.

The vessel has a large capacity and many people love it. Just to put it into perspective, the ferry carries close to 22 million persons every year free of charge. The Manhattan boat tour has crazy yet beautiful views of iconic New York City landmarks, like bridges, skyscrapers and a whole lot more in the lower side of Manhattan.

The ride is approximately 25 minutes long which is perfect for toddlers with short attention spans. Your little curious one can view the Statue of Liberty without you having to mess up your budget – it’s free. Though you should know you should be well prepared to get them at least some ice cream and snacks (they are available on the boat ride and chances are your little one will want some).

Manhattan by Sail


If your kids love pirates of the Caribbean and always role play back at home, so much so that it drives you crazy, now is the chance to let them enjoy being actual pirates, or at least role play in the best of settings – the Manhattan by Sail. There are two sails you can choose from; The Shearwater Classic Schooner (which, during the Second World War patrolled Chesapeake Bay) and the Clipper City Tall ship. Both are perfect for families and will give you great views of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. As for the time, they each have different departure times with the Shearwater leaving at 12:30 pm and 2:35pm each day and the Clipper at 2:15pm and 4:30pm every day. While on NYC trip, be sure to synchronize your times to these departure times if you are to have a blast with NYC boat tours.

NY Water Tours – The Manhattan

Well, your visit to New York with your family should never end without cruising on this boat, especially when you have nagging kids who love to see the waters as well as other awesome New York sights. The rates for the New York Water Tours boat ride are awesome. As a matter of fact, everyone loves to use this boat to go around the Statue of Liberty as well as other magnificent sights in Manhattan.

The Manhattan gives you and your family the best view of the Statue of Liberty, something many other boats in the area do not offer. Your family, especially the young ones will be thrilled as they will be able to take closeup selfies with the Statue of Liberty. Book your NYC boat tour tickets here and save big online!

NYC Boat tours are perfect for families and are a great way to bond and create lasting memories. They also, are for the most part cheap and provide views to many of the great landmarks in New York.

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