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The Charging Bull

Location: Broadway & Morris St, New York, NY 10004

The most iconic sightseeing attraction in the financial district is the famous sculpture of the Charging Bull. The Charging Bull is front and center right in the middle of Broadway. Originally installed as a piece of guerrilla art, the exhibition was so well received that it became welcomed as a permanent installation on the street. The Charging Bull represents the "Bull Market", or the power and vitality of a successful financial market. Every day thousands of sightseeing New York tourists take pictures with the Bull, making it the most popular attraction in the entire district.

The Downtown Hop On Hop Off bus will drive right past it down Broadway on the way to Battery Park. The Bull became particularly publicized during the Occupy Wall Street movement, where the widely known association of the bull as a symbol of Wall Street was harnessed by protestors for their own agenda. For example, one popular image showed a dancer agily balancing on top of the bull, representing the movement's resistance against the seemingly indomitable force of Wall Street.

The massive sculpure is 7,100 pounds and 16 feet long, considerably larger than a real-life bull. The bull was created for $360,000 following the stock market crash of 1978 to represent the financial optimism and continued power of the American exchanges. The artist, Arturo Di Modica, had the scupture smuggled into the area on December 15th and installed it beneath a Christmas tree erected for the holidays. The act served to symbolize the sculpture as a gift to the American people in the wake of the financial downturn.

Adrian Benepe, the New York City park commissioner, said, "It's become one of the most visited, most photographed and perhaps most loved and recognized statues in the City of New York. I would say it's right up there with the Statue of Liberty."

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